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reversing entropy…and lessons we can learn from lukewarm coffee

I’m going to make a bold statement. I think the purpose of life isn’t in fact the number 42…the purpose of life is to reverse entropy. When you wake up each morning, ask yourself, “How can I reverse entropy today?”

I’ve been told one can’t reverse entropy, so I’m going to try to prove (un-scientifically, more common-sensically) that entropy can in fact be reversed and exactly how to do it.

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Why Give. Earn. Live.? About the title…

A priority of this blog is to write about priorities…doing things in the order of their importance.

The title mostly relates to prioritizing the use of money, but I also enjoy studying how to prioritize our other resources: time and ourselves. The three major resources of life are: Money, Time, Ourselves.What do I mean by ourselves? — self-improvement, sanctification, becoming a better human being.

My original idea was “Tithe 1st, Pay Yourself 2nd, Live 3rd.” Here’s how I explained it:

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What emotion comes to mind when you read the title? Would you describe it as mostly good or mostly bad?

If its bad, skip this post…there are seasons for minimalism, and if you’re not in the right season, there are other things to be focusing on…like investing, or reversing entropy.

If the idea of minimalism DOES bring a smile to your face, scroll down…

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