How to unscrew your life

Many years ago I was preparing to leave for the United States Military Academy, and a family friend asked if he could meet with me.  He had gone to the United States Naval Academy, and wanted to share some words of encouragement and advice with me.

The one thing that has stood out to me most from that time sitting and talking with him was the story he told about a screw.

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Introducing budget-based investing…using M1 Finance

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    How to pick and invest in individual stocks automatically using your budget
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    Support your investments every time you shop
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    Become financially independent earlier with higher returns (i.e. 12% plus)...does budget-based investing provide higher returns than index fund investing?  I sure hope so!
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    Make investing great again with a super cool platform called M1 Finance!

Sounds great, right?  Must be a scam.  Only ponzi schemes make consistent 12% returns.  Oh, and whatever fund Dave Ramsey invests in...  Read on.

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How to Invest a Million

Someday soon you may have $1,000,000 to invest. For some of us...not so soon!  🙂 How would you invest it?  Enter your ideas at for a chance to win "best portfolio" for $1,000,000.

Here's my entry!

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So you want to become a RIA? How to prepare for the Series 65:

RIA Mountain

1. Register With FINRA

Cost: $165​​

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after registering with an assigned ID number you will need to sign up for the test in step 2 below:

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Investing for all seasons…with Stocks, Real Estate, Gold, Bonds

Fall 2015​

In the fall of 2015, I was ready to pack it in.  I had two businesses going, things were OK financially, but I was burnt out.  I decided I was going to try to work for Dave Ramsey.  I applied to a couple jobs on his website, started thinking about closing my businesses, and called my sister-in-law to let her know things were going to be changing.

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reversing entropy…and lessons we can learn from lukewarm coffee

I’m going to make a bold statement. I think the purpose of life isn’t in fact the number 42…the purpose of life is to reverse entropy. When you wake up each morning, ask yourself, “How can I reverse entropy today?”

I’ve been told one can’t reverse entropy, so I’m going to try to prove (un-scientifically, more common-sensically) that entropy can in fact be reversed and exactly how to do it.

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Why Give. Earn. Live.? About the title…

A priority of this blog is to write about priorities…doing things in the order of their importance.

The title mostly relates to prioritizing the use of money, but I also enjoy studying how to prioritize our other resources: time and ourselves. The three major resources of life are: Money, Time, Ourselves.What do I mean by ourselves? — self-improvement, sanctification, becoming a better human being.

My original idea was “Tithe 1st, Pay Yourself 2nd, Live 3rd.” Here’s how I explained it:

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Simplifying Investing

Investing is one of those things that is difficult to keep simple. If you want to understand it better and decide to research and study it, you come to realize that you know even less and that there’s so much more to learn. Kind of like quicksand, the more you struggle, the worse it gets…nope, that’s not really a good analogy, but it’ll have to do. Moving on… Being as this blog is about keeping life simple, why would I discuss investing? Here’s why…

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What emotion comes to mind when you read the title? Would you describe it as mostly good or mostly bad?

If its bad, skip this post…there are seasons for minimalism, and if you’re not in the right season, there are other things to be focusing on…like investing, or reversing entropy.

If the idea of minimalism DOES bring a smile to your face, scroll down…

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