After being a life-long entrepreneur (well, age 12-27), I find myself at an 8-4 job and am rather enjoying it! But, the entrepreneur in me is whispering, occasionally YELLS to me to start something again. I started blogging back in 2015 at tithe1st.com, but hadn't written anything for a while, and lately have had so many ideas of what to share from my rocky journey through entrepreneurship and the lessons learned along the way.

I'm still pretty young, but I have had quite a bit of experience in one area, well two: money and starting businesses. A mentor of mine recently passed along this gold nugget: "What is the secret of a happy life? Good judgment. How does one obtain good judgment? Bad judgment."

Unfortunately, I have experienced my fair share of bad judgment in regards to money and business. But...fortunately for you, I have learned some good judgment along the way that I'm excited to share and that will hopefully save you from my same bad judgments. Because, you know, you can also obtain good judgment (and have an easier time of it) if you can learn from other people's bad judgment.